Management Platform
Stand out in the blue ocean of cloud trends.
Solves Your Pain Points
In the vast blue ocean of cloud services, where competition is fierce, how can you innovate and optimize your services to gain an advantage?
With the advent of the cloud era, is your best weapon to break free from competitive challenges!
Platform empowers you to optimize resources intelligently.
Simplification of managing multi-cloud services and functionalities through effective integration, significantly lower complex environment management!

Go beyond the industry standard and differentiate your service offerings.
Break free from price competition among competitors and expand your business with high-quality services, effortlessly gaining the favor of customers!

Capture customers with exceptional service and enhance customer retention.
Provide a superior user experience surpassing native cloud platforms and gain control over cloud accounts, strengthening customer dependency!
Product Features
Innovative Cloud Service Business Expansion Model
Create exclusive platforms for admin, agent, and customer users by combining permission control mechanisms. Enable hierarchical authorization and management, allowing direct establishment and control of dedicated business systems through the MQloud platform.

Cloud Service Network Integration
Achieve comprehensive and flexible control over cloud services through integration of internal networks within public clouds, interconnection between public clouds, and integration of public and private cloud networks.
Seamless Management of Multiple Cloud Platforms
Integrate GCP and AWS on a single platform, eliminating limitations and barriers, and achieving deep integration between the two cloud services.
Multi-Environment Design
Establish multiple independent environments according to enterprise needs, allowing individual control of cloud services within each environment.
Environment-Separated Account Integration
Accurately integrate accounting information, providing clear visibility into project-specific and cloud service expenses, along with accounting billing notifications.
Cloud Quota Management
Provide hierarchical authorization and quota control modules, allowing budget restrictions to be set for each project and environment.
Cloud-Native Platforms vs
Cloud-Native Platforms
Need to go to each cloud platform to apply for accounts and create cloud services.
Integrate all requirements in one place, eliminating the need for back and forth between platforms.
Cloud Account
Enterprises need to establish accounts on native cloud service platforms.
Account ownership resides within the enterprise.
Cloud accounts are provided by cloud service providers and integrated into MQloud.
Platform retains ownership of the accounts.
Each cloud has different configuration methods, which can be more complex.
The configuration threshold is high.
Multiple independent cloud environments can be set up.
The configuration threshold is low.
Billing Status
Separate billing for each native cloud account.
Difficult to consolidate expenses.
Billing based on environments (projects) separately.
Gain complete insight into all expenses.
Issue Assistance
Need to access native cloud service platforms with authorized accounts.
Providing assistance from a third-party perspective may not directly understand the problem.
Maintenance personnel can operate after being granted authorization on MQloud.
Understanding the problem from the user’s perspective speeds up troubleshooting and issue resolution.
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